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There is one immense benefit in going through childhood trauma, being riddled with depression and anxiety, hitting rock bottom with addiction, enduring multiple divorces, and ultimately questioning your own sanity:

It makes for some deep, meaningful poetry.

“Because Life is Weird and I Overthink” is an exploration of the different people we become when faced with the challenges of daily living; the circumstantial episodes that bring immense suffering, great hope, deep loss, unanswerable questions and crippling self-doubt. Jay Chirino channels his very personal experiences and lays them out in ways that pierce the heart with relatability, while keeping a poetic and upbeat rhythm to some of the hardest aspects of the human experience.

Dedicated to those that think a little too much; the curious minds that wish to know more, to dig deeper, to discover things about the world undiscovered before, to find themselves inside their own experiences, and to continue asking the important questions, the ones that get us a little closer to finding out what it truly means to be human.

Never stop questioning.