Jay Chirino’s first novel is a gripping tale of love, loss and hope!!

After leaving behind a trail of drug-addled destruction, Jay finds himself confined to the walls of a psychiatric hospital, forced for the first time to confront his darkest demons.

He begins to journey through the torture of reliving painful memories without anything to blur them, forced to truly look at himself in the mirror and confront the reality of what he has become. He must now find his way back through the thick brushes of pain, regret, and childhood trauma. With the help of a doctor that seems to truly care about him, Jay starts to relive the past and to deal with the things that brought him here.

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There are stories everywhere you look, in every nook and cranny of this thing we call reality, in every interaction, conversation, situation—in every journey to a brand-new place, in every return to towns long ago forgotten.

One can only experience reality through the narrative: the linear set of events that end up creating a story. The narrative is everything. The narrative gives birth to us and lets us die. In between, it becomes a great teacher. But without it, we are like a book sitting on shelf. Unless it is not being read by someone, the story in its pages is simply dead.

I am a hunter of stories. I am a seeker of narratives that may be overlooked by others because of their simplicity or their desire to stay hidden. I bring to light what I believe means to be human. The good. The bad. The ugly.

And, sometimes, when I least expect it, I reel in a good one; a story heavy in significance and timing. Those are the ones I share with the world.

My name is Jay Chirino. I am a writer, poet and hunter.