There are stories everywhere you look, in every nook and cranny of this thing we call reality, in every interaction, conversation, situation—in every journey to a brand-new place, in every return to towns long ago forgotten.

One can only experience reality through the narrative: the linear set of events that end up creating a story. The narrative is everything. The narrative gives birth to us and lets us die. In between, it becomes a great teacher. But without it, we are like a book sitting on shelf. Unless it is not being read by someone, the story in its pages is simply dead.

I am a hunter of stories. I am a seeker of narratives that may be overlooked by others because of their simplicity or their desire to stay hidden. I bring to light what I believe means to be human. The good. The bad. The ugly.

And, sometimes, when I least expect it, I reel in a good one; a story heavy in significance and timing. Those are the ones I share with the world.

My name is Jay Chirino. I am a writer, poet and hunter.