December 4, 2022 chirino700 0

This poem came unexpectedly, as the cruise my wife and I went on for our anniversary was not scheduled to end up in Honduras. But […]

Free Will?

October 28, 2022 chirino700 0

Do you think you are the master of your decisions, or has your entire life already been determined by your environment?


October 24, 2022 chirino700 0

Once you get your wings, do not stop flying until you reach your desired destination.


October 21, 2022 chirino700 0

Many times, those warm sheets in the morning cold of the air conditioner that has been nicely lowered to chilly temperatures in order to make […]

Virtual Reality

October 13, 2022 chirino700 0

We live more inside our minds than we do in the real world. Once we understand that simple fact, we can change our reality any […]


October 12, 2022 chirino700 0

As long as we have our priorities defined, the world will continue on an uphill climb that it will be unable to conquer. Is it […]