Peace of Mind

January 27, 2022 chirino700 0

Roses are red, violets are blue, you are going to die, andyour family, too. Acceptance. Only through accepting the reality of existence can we achieve […]

Dance of The Grey

January 27, 2022 chirino700 0

Look at them, faces filledwith inconspicuous hatredtowards anything that getsin the way of THEIRselfish ways… the same hatred they feelwhen they run into mirrorsthat reflect […]

White Coffee

January 25, 2022 chirino700 0

I put two cubes of icein my coffee; blackBecause a burned tongueis extremely unpleasant, it makes the bitter tastea little duller; less“adventorous”bean connoisseurs woulddefinitely call […]

I Am The Captive…

January 18, 2022 chirino700 0

The power of this statement lies in its simplicity. Humans have a tendency of roaming through life finding hurdles that will not allow them to […]

Menstrual Robot?

January 11, 2022 chirino700 0

Before you, with due reason, judge me, let me explain: Some of my most interesting ideas seem to happen at night, when my brain is […]

Dreaming of Reality

October 14, 2021 chirino700 0

I thoroughly enjoy lucid dreaming. I marvel at the capacity that my mind has of creating detailed scenarios that feel nothing but real, and yet […]

What is a Legacy?

October 8, 2021 chirino700 0

I have noticed that a lot of powerful people in history and in the present day are passionate, if not obssessed with leaving a great […]