June 27, 2022 chirino700 0

I hate to say it because I am not the contemptuous type, and I don’t like looking over my shoulder expecting the approval of others. […]


June 21, 2022 chirino700 0

The fastest-growing organism on Earth is Technology. Technology has grown faster than any living thing we have ever seen. And yes, it is a living […]

Blind Future

June 19, 2022 chirino700 0

Is it a survival mechanism to believe that we are the most important being in the universe? Perhaps. Perhaps it is because we value our […]


June 4, 2022 chirino700 0

There are chains everywhere you look. Chains of despair, chains of control, chains of doubt. There are chains in the people you interact with every […]

The Broken Man

June 2, 2022 chirino700 0

Self destruction is a very common side effect of those that struggle with addictions, insecurities and a troubled past. How can they build anything valuable […]

Little Factory

June 1, 2022 chirino700 0

In order to grow one has to be willing to look within and discover the not-so-pleasant aspects of what makes us who we are. Excuses […]

Sweet Child

May 26, 2022 chirino700 0

Oh child,they tell you that thingsare not supposed to be this waytheir sharp, keening voicesbegging wildly for changeusing little corpses asleverage in a deal theyhave […]


May 26, 2022 chirino700 0

This is one of those thoughtless poems that simply comes out having birthed itself. It will mean different things to different people, and as long […]