Dreaming of Reality

October 14, 2021 chirino700 0

I thoroughly enjoy lucid dreaming. I marvel at the capacity that my mind has of creating detailed scenarios that feel nothing but real, and yet […]

What is a Legacy?

October 8, 2021 chirino700 0

I have noticed that a lot of powerful people in history and in the present day are passionate, if not obssessed with leaving a great […]

Know Thyself

October 2, 2021 chirino700 0

We spend entire lifetimes trying to avoid simple truths. Those truths are simple, yes, but they are also harsh. We are going to die someday. […]


September 25, 2021 chirino700 0

Imagine a perfect world. There is no death, or sickness, or fear. Everyone lives forever in harmony, wars are long extinct. The weather is always […]

Under a Bridge

September 20, 2021 chirino700 0

I was at my usual light on the underpass, waiting for it to turn green so I could get on the freeway on my way […]


September 17, 2021 chirino700 0

When I finally understood that what I had been religiously taught my entire life was a lie, and the God I came to regard as […]