Tap Tap

Look at me?
What do you see?
Do you like my hair, or
Do you like my skin?
Look into my eyes, but
Please not too deep
As they squint with lust
(but they want to scream)
Look at my lips, supple and filled
Just like the girls I watch on my feed
Should I dance for you in
my new yoga pants? Should my breasts
leap out of the screen in your hands?
Or should I pretend that
I am only twelve; looking innocent,
drooling on myself?
Tell me what you want, tell me everything
I’ll do it for you and won’t say a thing
I have nothing else that
Makes it worth to live. I need you
To tap two times on your screen
Help me or I will cry myself to sleep
One last time, I promise
Tap, tap, tap for me
And I’ll pretend these tears
Do not fall from me.

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