You saw me

Open these eyes for the first time

These eyes have seen so much

But were so innocent back then


That the world would be what it isn’t, yet.

And you tried to shield me

From what you knew this was

This, this thing we call life

This thing we suffer through.

And then you promised,

You would be here forever

To protect me forever

From what you knew was


And now, you sit there, blind

Those eyes have seen so much

Too much, like mine.

Much more.

And I lift you off the wheelchair, and promise

I will be here forever,

To shield you, from this thing…

This thing we call life.

But you’ve been there already,

And you already know,

That there are things that do not last long

And long has already been

And soon you will be gone.

And I will be here to protect you

From what you already know

At least for a little while,

Until your eyes go quiet

As they have seen too much.

And yet I’ll know

The fantasies are just that


As one never sees too much

One never lives too much

One never loves too much.

One never lives enough.

And in your end, I will protect you

As this thing we call life

Reminds us of that day

Where your eyes see this world

For the first time

And will see it once more

For one last time,

I will be here to protect you

From what the world has never been

And you will become a memory

Impatient, distilled,

One of the most important

And needed things

My eyes have ever seen.

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